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How do you choose the right name to your project?

Choosing an appropriate name for any project is not an easy task, as many believe. The name identifies your product or company and plays a major role in determining the customer’s first impression. Choosing a name is a science and an art at the same time that requires creativity and creative thought, and remember that the name is an important element in attracting attention. And identifying the audience what is the function of the product and its importance, and it deserves to invest an abundant time, as the name has a great role in achieving financial success. Therefore, research, preparation, and gathering appropriate information are very important steps before settling on a name, and you may be surprised that most of the appropriate names that may be suitable to your project are already taken, do not dispense with the name, but you can make it your own by modifying it, and the advice contained in the following article is sufficient for all the information you may need to know before choosing the name of your product.

1- Easy to remember A good name should be simple and strange at the same time to be easy to remember, and to ensure that the element of curiousness does not overwhelm the name, so it is vague to the customer who is not familiar with the product, and do not forget to specify the culture to which you are heading with your project and the consumer category of your product, to verify the popular and common words in Their culture.

Try to have a descriptive name and make it related to the project, to give a full idea of ​​its mission and to define the project’s tasks and functions, but choosing a purely descriptive name is a bad idea, then it is sure that it will be similar to hundreds of product names. With simple steps such as playing on words or by adding precedents, suffixes or numbers to the word.

2- Use numbers Adding numbers is a creative way to make the name strange, just add a number to the beginning or the end of the world, which will provide the name with uniqueness and make it more interesting, which will make it easier for the listener to remember and memorize it, you can also replace some letters with numbers as a way to draw the attention of the recipient, and the process of choosing the appropriate number is not easy as well.

Each number has a certain significance and gives a certain impression. you can look at the meanings of the numbers and determine which number will have the desired effect. The Internet is rich in articles and studies that explains this idea, for example, the number "6" is a lucky number in the field of business, as well as for pairs of numbers whose sum is 6, such as "15,33,42,51..." And the key is not by using many numbers, but by using numbers that carry an impressive meaning and impression and leave a strong influence on the ear of the recipient.

3- playing with words

Playing with the letters of the word is one of the most important methods that may help you create a striking and strange name, and it also opens you up to an infinite number of options because playing with the form of the word can be achieved in various ways, and if you want to choose an uncommon and a creative name, you can benefit from the following tips:


You can add some letters, words, or even symbols to the name, which will give it a unique character. There are many words that adding them before the name gives a stronger meaning and greater impact, and the suffixes that are added to the word give you the option open to an infinite number of combinations, which opens you the freedom to choose and not be restricted. In fact, most good descriptive nouns that gives the meaning are already taken by other companies and products.

b- Use non-lexical words:

Creating a new word that is not known before is a smart step to establish the name of your product in the market, because this name that did not exist previously will arouse the listener’s curiosity to know the meaning behind this word or the reason for choosing this name, and the creation of the word does not require the selection of random letters, but rather choose a descriptive word for the product Edit it by playing with its letters, or you can make some letters bigger and smaller without paying attention to the grammatical or writing rules, or by using letters that are written and not pronounced, and so you will get a name whose effect will be imprinted in the ear of whoever hears it.

Use the abbreviations. The abbreviated form of the name prompts the recipient to search for the full version of it, so he will never forget it. Today everyone knows the international car brand BMW, and I do not think that it would have achieved this success if it was known by its full name "Bayerisch Motoren Werk", so by using the abbreviations you can achieve the short, simple and attractive name.

c- Use the music

Try to add some music to the letters of the name you chose by repeating some letters. The two most successful international companies for the production of soft drinks, Pepsi and Coca Cola, use this method. The music that is inside the name makes it easy to memorize and simple to the ear of the listener.

4-make it connected with your story:

Invent a story behind your choice of name, if someone asks you why you chose this name do not say because it sound great or because it explains what we do so you miss a great opportunity to attract and be more reminiscent, for example Adolph Dassler founded his company in the early nineties of last century, and he gave it the name of his pet "adi" and added the first three letters of his nickname "das" to become “adidas” one of the leading names in the field of trade and manufacture of clothing and sports equipment.

As another example that has proven its name strongly in the market recently, the products of VANTOM Alternative Energy Company were inspired by the phantom power supplies, which is an electronic piece that supplies power to electronic devices with a continuous current of 48 volts, and the letters PH have been replaced by the letter V to maintain a simple and strange pronunciation at the same time, and the word phantom carries the meaning of the tangible and intangible thing or what is known as the spectrum, the word contains another meaning that opens the horizons of the recipient's imagination to understand the message to be delivered From the name. Also, you can give your name or your last name to the project you want to title, and if you check the projects on the Internet, you will be surprised by the number of projects that have achieved great success bearing the names of their founders, such as AHUJA Audio Company. And gives the impression of complete confidence in the quality of your product to whoever hears it.

To summarize all of the above, a good name should be short and simple to be easy to memorize, strange so that it does not resemble the names of other products and is easy to remember, and always remember that “Brevity is the soul of wit”..

In addition to the previous tips, there are points to pay attention to, such as checking whether the name of your product has an inappropriate meaning in another language. Do not give up if the name you need for your project was taken previously.

With the help of the previously mentioned steps, you can modify it, or combine it with another word to get a compound title, or you can start your project and achieve success through which you can buy the name and make it your own.

There are also many sites that help you choose the name of your project by entering keywords related to the project, and after surveying those sites, we recommend the most effective of them:

is one of the most popular websites on the internet, and it is frequently used by startups to choose a name for their business.

is ​​very effective in finding a suitable name that is related to the idea, and the interface of the site is easy to operate and smooth to use.

One of the most important features of this site is its ability to tell you the field in which you want to start your project.

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