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How to choose the best ceramic tiles for your house

Have you ever gone shopping for ceramics and wondered about the perfect shape that suits your requirements? Confused about the right type, color and texture of the ceramic to choose? Since there is a wide range of options available in the market, it is easy to be confused.

As there is no one type suitable for all parts of the house, the types and sizes differ according to the nature of the room that you want to cover with ceramics. Ceramics also does differ in a one room because there are different kinds of ceramics for walls, floors, corners and ceilings.

They may all look the same at first sight, but you can notice the difference after several months of use when the lower elite ceramics start cracking and declining in quality. Today's markets are full of poor qualities of ceramics with fake names , so there are some basic characteristics that must be checked for quality in ceramics before you buy it.

1- Water resistance:

If you want to choose the appropriate ceramic for a humid environment, such as bathrooms or basements, you must make sure that the ceramic is moisture resistant, and do not forget that most accidents occur in bathrooms, so the floors covered with this type of ceramic have the ability to withstand Large amounts of water, and it is easy to clean, and it is the ideal solution for most moisture problems, and it can be used in rooms with heating systems. This type is also used in swimming pools and places that are exposed to large amounts of water. It is preferable to use unglazed ceramic types in wet places, regardless of the aesthetic value of glazed ceramic, but its resistance to water is weak, so it can be used on the walls of rooms to give an aesthetic luster to rooms that are not wet.

2- Designs options:

Ceramic is a practical and aesthetic solution at the same time, today it has become an alternative to decorations and colors that have become outdated in recent times. The majority of homes with professional decorations depend on ceramics in their designs because it has become the first choice in the field of designs and decorations due to its presence in many colors and designs and its flexibility, as it offers an infinite number of options and enables you to install and mix colors to be able to obtain a design that matches the general decoration of the place.

Ceramics does not have to have a unicolor or unisize for all parts of the house, but it gives you absolute freedom to choose what suits you of its designs.

3- Price:

If the price is a major obstacle for you, then ceramic will be your most appropriate choice because it is less expensive than porcelain floors or other materials, which means you will not spend much on home ceramics, which enables you to save expenses for the rest of the equipment of your apartment.

Houses that rely on ceramics to cover their walls, floors, or even their ceilings, can save a lot of money, because ceramics are distinguished by their presence in the market at reasonable and acceptable prices, but the price is not a determinant of the quality of ceramics, as the cheapest is not always economical, so care must be taken when choosing the right quality and price.

The previous points are important elements to take into consideration before buying ceramics, but you may face other difficulties after purchasing it, including:

1- Installation cost:

It is usually difficult to install ceramics due to its heavy weight, and the party that sells you ceramics does not pay attention to the accuracy of its installation and may send its inexperienced employees to you to do the installation process, which may cause errors in terms of the quantity and type of cement used, or in the accuracy of installation and maintaining the distances between ceramic parts.

2- Difficult to clean:

Although modern ceramics are designed to be easy to clean, you may encounter difficulties in cleaning the spaces between them, and they must always be kept clean because bright-colored ceramics are sensitive to dirt and dust and are difficult to clean if neglected for a long time.

3- Weight:

The ceramic floors have a rather heavy weight, so before installing the ceramics, make sure that the building is capable of bearing heavy weights and check the construction data such as the quantities of cement used and the ability of the foundation to bear heavy weights, and also check the quantity and type of cement used in the installation of the ceramics and make sure to keep distances Ultra-small between each piece of ceramic and adjacent.

The process of choosing the right ceramic is not easy. However, considering the previous elements may facilitate the process of choosing the most suitable ceramic for your requirements, and all you have to do is check the goods in the market and match the quality and designs with prices, you can also refer to the sites of ceramics and their designs And add your own view to be able to choose the most appropriate type that suits your apartment, and remember that the price is not a criterion for quality. Because the ceramic you will choose will last for several decades, so try to not get the low quality. and make sure employing the appropriate expertise to carry out the installation process, and do not forget to try the ceramic before installing it, and make sure that the previous specifications are met in it.

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