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How to design the right logo for your company?

The entity of your company's logo stands as a representative of its premise and principles in advertisements and social media, and even your identification card must bear your company's logo. The logo tells a lot about your project, so you should have the courage to make it strange. The thing that does not mean that Simplicity is not required, but a good name must have both features at the same time. And do not forget that a good logo must carry a story that it communicates to customers, so there is no objection to containing descriptive words, as studies have proven that most customers use products for companies that know their logo because they trust them, and it turns out that three out of five will not use a product with unpleasant images as a logo of it, even if they heard a lot about its quality from those around them.

When you start designing the logo, first choose a set of words that describe not only what you do but why you do it as well, and this is what will be most rooted in the minds of your customers.

your logo should convey the voice of your employees, think about the principles of your company and try to communicate it with a word, a picture, or anything that communicates what and why you are working, While you are thinking allow each idea to come out independently, and don't limit yourself with any rules, because creative thinking knows no limits. If you want to design an attractive and innovative logo that ensures that it attracts the largest number of customers, the following factors will inevitably be useful in creating the perfect logo...

1-Use Colors

Colors may be your biggest friend or biggest enemy, choose them wisely, because they are the thing that most catches the attention of the recipient, and this does not mean that bright colors only should be used. calm colors are also striking if you balanced them with each other correctly, as the secret does not lie in the use of a large number of colors, even the icon of the search engine Google, which is one of the most famous and successful logos depends on specific colors and we note the repetition of some colors in their letters in order to avoid too many of them and maintain the simplicity of the logo, The logo should contain more than three colors, so that they are consistent and homogeneous with each other.

One of the most famous colors used in the design of many logos is red followed by blue and green, the colors mentioned earlier have proven effective in maintaining a unique simple logo as it is suitable to every time and place, and there are also some specific colors that are recommended to avoid such as pink and its derivatives, get some information about what are the colors that are popular these days, and you can change the colors of the logo later as a step to update it, instead of changing the logo you can add a new color to it, which makes it more trendy, that could be a good step for your company.

Be careful with using colors because each color carries its own meaning and connotation, which may help you deliver a message to your customers through indirect influence.

Do not forget to specify the category to which your company is directed, and think about the colors that may attract its interest, as with the difference in gender and age, the degrees of colors that draw the attention of the recipient also differ.

2- choose the right font

Believe it or not, the font can tell a lot about your project. Instead of using symbols and images, let your company name stand for it and express full confidence in the quality of your products. Stay away from the general fonts used in all of the words and try to choose something unique that is strange and striking, because a trendy or popular streak will be your biggest enemy by making you less unique and masculine.

You can review the Internet to see the fonts that are suitable for using as a company logo, they must carry certain specifications like being attractive and creative so as to paint an innovative and unique picture, as the Internet today provides an unlimited number of font options, you can use different sizes and it is also preferable to use shadows to make the word appear In the third dimension, or what is known as the 3D font which is adopted by a large number of companies to write their logos, the thin and colorful fonts have proven very effective, as they have received a lot of admiration.

3- Use descriptive graphics

Choose an image that tells the story of your project and tells whoever sees it about the principles of your company. Be sure that the image which you will choose has the previous elements. Pay attention to the colors and font used if it contains text. It is also recommended to consult with people with special expertise such as art graduates or marketing experts, because the visual elements are very important in any logo. Working on the effect through pictures is very effective, and according to psychology, linking the idea to a picture is an effective way to consolidate the idea in memory, as it is used as a method of modern education, as it is said “Tell me and I will understand… Show me and I will remember”.

The process of choosing an icon or any visual element to represent your company’s logo has to receive a lot of attention. It has to carry a story behind it and a reason behind choosing it. Try to avoid putting too many details in it and leave a space to keep it clear and not crowded, so as not to disturb the eyes of those who see it. Simply on the logo image to be expressive to tell a story, descriptive to establish your message in the minds of customers, simple to be easy to remember.

4- Check out the people around you

After you have coordinated the details of your logo in terms of color and font and adopted an icon or graphic that you find clearly and powerfully representing your company, do not launch your logo before referring to the opinions of those around you, ask your family, close friend or a colleague you trust his opinion, and do not forget to return For the experienced people, as we mentioned earlier, test the logo on a specific group of the category you are heading to, try to derive their opinion through their reactions and not through the direct question, listen to their suggestions and try to offer them multiple options in which some elements of the logo differ in terms of color or general coordination, And do not forget to receive their responses as constructive criticism that contributes to the development of your logo, and makes it more effective. There are also many websites that help you choose the right logo, where you design the logo based on data you enter such as the name of your company and the field in which you work. Ineffective it is recommended to deal with the following sites:


Smashing logo

To summarize all of the above, if you want to get an attractive logo, you have to achieve some basic elements. Your logo must be creative to draw attention, easy to remember, and descriptive to tell a story. Do not let one of the elements dominate the rest, but try to have them all in your logo in a balanced and harmonious way, and then you will get a fixed logo that represents your company in every place and time. Do not be bound by a specific idea or a specific system, but rather allow any creative idea to appear, and simplicity in itself is an innovative idea, do not forget that the Nike Sports Equipment and Apparel Company has achieved tremendous success based on a black logo in the form of a tick sign, and most international brands adopt simple logos such as Apple, Mac Donald, Amazon, and many other international names and brands.

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